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Blog Articles: Do You Need Insurance for a Golf Cart?

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If you’re preparing a golf cart to ride on the road, you need to take the time to understand the benefits of taking out insurance on your ride.

Though you won’t need this type of coverage in some instances, anyone who takes a cart out on the road is likely to need some kind of policy to protect themselves and others.


 If you want to take your golf cart on the road, you’re going to have to pay for insurance.

Non-road-ready carts don’t need insurance, but you can still buy a policy if you use your cart regularly at home.

The price of this coverage will vary depending on how you use your cart. For example, you could buy a policy for $12 a month if you don’t insure a cart that is ready for the road.

Similarly, you could also get coverage for $50 per year if you add a golf cart endorsement directly to your homeowner’s policy.

However, road-ready carts will need more extensive policy options, which will typically cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 per year, depending on a multitude of various factors related to your driving.



 When you decide to buy an insurance policy for your golf cart, you have many coverage options from which you can choose.

Each of these choices will take care of certain elements of your cart use and protect you from accidents while on the road.


Just a few of these choices that you can pick include the following elements:


  • Property Damage Liability – If your golf cart causes damage to another person’s property, this type of policy will help pay the damages in a serious lawsuit.
  • Physical Injury Liability – When you injure a person due to improper golf cart driving, this type of policy will cover their recovery and help you avoid costly lawsuits.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This type of policy will help protect you if your golf cart is stolen or damaged by natural elements like fire or hail.
  • Collision Coverage – When your golf cart is damaged during a serious collision, this type of insurance will ensure that you don’t lose too much money.


Most types of golf cart insurance policies will bundle these options together to ensure you get the best possible coverage for your golf cart.

You may be able to choose which ones that you don’t want on your policy but should consider going all out and buying all of these options instead.

For example, imagine an accident on a road that causes damage to a person’s car, injuries that individual, and which damages your cart.

Without all of these coverage options, you would be in a very costly situation.

And comprehensive coverage is there when other issues occur with your cart.



 When you purchase a golf cart insurance policy, you typically have a variety of different options from which you can choose.

These policy differences vary based on your needs and what the insurance provider offers.

And many of these providers will also give you discounts based on several factors.


Each of these discounts is designed to save you money on your policy or reward you for certain types of behaviors.

For example, some will give you a discount if you are loyal to the provider and purchase multiple insurance options.


Discounts that you can expect from your average golf cart insurance provider include:


  • Bundling Multiple Golf Carts – If you own multiple golf carts that are street-legal, you may be able to bundle your policy and save yourself money. You can also add other coverage options, such as renters, boat, and home insurance to your policy.
  • Responsible Driver Discounts – Many types of insurance companies will reward safe drivers by giving you discounts. The same is true of golf cart insurance, though the accidents they look for won’t be strictly related to your golf cart.
  • Upfront Payments – Though you can break your golf cart insurance policy payments up into monthly costs, you could also pay everything in one payment. This step is smart because you’ll save a lot of money and most policies cost little more than $1,000 per year.
  • Homeowner Deals – Show proof of home ownership to your golf cart insurance company and they may offer you a lower rate. This discount will vary depending on the company that insures your cart and how long you have owned your home.


Make sure that you talk to your insurance provider about each of these discounts before assuming that you qualify.

While you might think that you do deserve a specific price decrease from your provider, you may find that the provider disagrees with you.

So make sure that you do your research here to avoid complications.

Written by Golf Cart Report

2021-05-27 15:35:00