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Blog Articles: Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Special Person in Your Life


Get inspired to make one of these cute handmade crafts that are packed with love.

Valentine's Day is all about showing your favorite people — your partner, co-worker, a friend or even your child's teacher — just how much you care. And what better to show a little extra love than a unique DIY Valentine's Day gift? Whether you're a novice or expert crafter, there's something special about putting in the extra effort to create a handmade V-Day-themed craft, and we have a range of projects to choose from — some even kids can make! A few are edible, like the colorful arrow cookies and coffee mug mixers, while others — a plush heart-shaped pillow, tassel charms and festive Valentine's Day wreaths — make for unique home decor. The best part is that even when the Big Day has passed, your loved one can still keep the gifts on full display.

So, if you want a sugary treat, a small item to pair with a DIY Valentine's Day Card or even a fun keychain, tassel charm or bookmark, browse these ideas to make anyone on your love list smile.

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2023-02-14 14:42:00