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Blog Articles: This Can Save You Big Money | Wind Mitigation Inspection


Wind mitigation is the process of implementing certain features to your home that can help resist or withstand intense wind caused by a major storm or hurricane.

Adding these features to your home would not only keep you safe but can substantially lower your home insurance premium.

Wind Mitigation Features:

Roof Covering

The more secure and up-to-date your roof Is, the deeper the discount.

What kind of roof covering you have? shingles, tiles, etc. Some will resist wind damage better than others. How was the covering attached? Nails, not staples, are the better option.

 Roof Geometry

What is the geometry of your roof? Gable roofs extend vertically and tend to fall outward. Gable can only withstand certain wind pressure because the wind can get under and lift them upward. Hip roofs are considered the best option and can withstand high pressure winds. Flat roofs are another option to withstand high winds but are prone to leakage.

Roof Deck Attachment

If the roof decking fails the home is considered a major loss to insurance companies. The following can earn you credits on your premium:

· Impact resistant glass or Protection systems on windows and doors

· Methods that add more support to the roof structure. i.e. clips/straps

· Nails with close spacing, instead of staples, that were used to install the roof deck

· Roof coverings that are up to code

Wall Construction Type

The roof-to-wall connection is critical to the performance of the structure and the resistance to the uplift of high wind pressure. Steel reinforced concrete block homes may provide a larger discount than plywood and plastic sliding frames.

Types of connections (ordered from weakest to strongest)

· Toe Nails

· Clips

· Single Wraps

· Double Wraps

Water Resistance (Secondary Water Barrier)

Water intrusion can occur if shingles blow away in high winds or from debris. It is important to seal your roof deck, or the layer in between the primary structure and the insulating layer of your roof. It is unlikely you’ll already have this sort of barrier but can still offer a discount to your premium.

Conducting Wind Mitigation Inspections

A Wind Mitigation inspection will need to be performed by certified inspector in order to receive credits on your premium.

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